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Life Under Griffon Wings


Restocking, 25 griffon vultures from Extremadura to Sardinia


On 14th and 15 th of March 2017 25 Griffon Vultures were transported from the recovery center of AMUS (Villafranca de los Barros) to Sardinia. Most of the the vultures have been collected in Extremadura, by the two recovary centers in Extremadura: AMUS and Los Hornos. All birds are with wild origen (found in the fild with wiknes or small injury), exept one, which is captive born in the Selwo Aventura (Estepona, Spain).

The vultures were transported by the Vulture Conservation Foundation. Now the birds are spending the quarantine period in recovary center: Centro regionale per l'Allevamento ed il Recupero della Fauna Selvatica (C.A.R.F.S.) di Bonassai and after that will be transferred to the relelese aviary in Porto Conte. Here the birds have time to acclimatize and get used to the new wether conditions. Each of the vultures will be marked with an individual PVC and metal ring and some of them with GPS tag, to enable their further tracking in the wild.

These 25 birds are not the first ones to start this adventure, last June another group of 17 birds was treansported, all of them coming from Extremadura.