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Life Under Griffon Wings


Preparatory actions

Monitoring the dispersal of the griffon vultures

The aim of this action is to acquire information on the movements of Griffon vultures belonging to the Bosa colony, since no quantitative data are available on their dispersal patterns, and on their settlements areas. 

Study on the illegal use of poisons and its impact on wild and domestic animals in Sardinia

This action will acquire and analyze the data needed to better plan the concrete conservation action aimed at mitigating the risk of poisoning

Study on the veterinary drugs harmful for scavenger birds

In Sardinia no information is available neither on the contamination with drug residues of livestock carcasses not intended for human consumption nor on the impact on the health of scavenger species feeding on them. The acquisition of data at this regard is thus crucial in determining the healthiness of food supplied to the vultures (action D 4).

The following data will be acquired:

  • List of the veterinary drugs most commonly used by local farmers (with special attention on NSAID): theveterinary prescriptions in the project area will be collected and analyzed;
  • Bibliographic analysis on the drugs which proved to be harmful for scavenger birds
  • Development of the operational protocol for the collection of samples for the determination of veterinarydrug residues in living and dead animals: all the procedures needed to correctly collect the samples from livestock carcasses and from Griffon vultures recovered at the WRC will be described with the collaboration of the IZS, who will carry on the analytical work (see A8 form – declaration of support).

Farm feeding station setup plan and obtentions of the permits for the construction works